cbd oil depression reddit

Cbd oil depression reddit

“Medicinal cannabis products, especially products high in CBD, may help to treat symptoms of depression, improve sleep, and increase quality of life,” Martin told PsyPost. “There is also some evidence that medicinal cannabis may alleviate symptoms of anxiety, particularly if administered over an extended period of time, but this is less clear from our results and warrants further study.”Martin and her colleagues offer a few reasons why CBD may have been associated with reductions in anxiety in the long-term, but not at baseline. It could be that those who reported using cannabis products at baseline had developed a tolerance to its anxiety-reducing effects.

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These are fairly well known effects. It is important to note that the study is also emphasizing CBD rather than THC in its contribution.

As mentioned in the article:

This is somewhat paradoxical, and suggests the mechanism might not be related to its immediate psychological effects. For example, there is some evidence it increases gut health and lowers cortisol levels, and these changes might a compounding effect on anxiety and depression over the long-term. Something like that could explain why CBD seems to start working over time but not right away.

Cbd oil depression reddit

THC weed is not recommended for depression either. My girl has over 5 years experience in the mental health field and that's what she said. I've tried it for depression just to see what happens. What I realized is weeds good for anxiety because by the time you come down, what's making you anxious is probably no longer a problem.

So, choose THC-free foods for your depression. I used the CBD oil by Swiss company MarryJane.

When you come down, depression is still sitting there waiting for ya. I had two options, smoke more or deal with my shit. That was the only time I craved weed. I wanted another high, and fuckin bad.

Yes, starting to take CBD oil is a good idea. It helps to reduce anxiety as part of a comprehensive therapy. CBD cannot cause panic attacks or even minor anxiety (unlike THC).