cbd ocean beach

Cbd ocean beach

The buds omit an ocean-fresh odor, with hints of spearmint and citrus. Combusting Ocean Beach releases a refreshing, sweet lemon and spearmint flavor, with a spicy-kush aftertaste.

Ocean Beach has chunky, tree-shaped buds, containing swirled, camouflage-green leaves, with purple streaks. Fuzzy strands of orange pistils are loosely scattered about. Gold trichome hairs add furry stripes of yellow, covering the buds as if white sand was sprinkled over them.

The Cookies Co has been keeping many of their lineage a tightly held secret, as is the case with the Ocean Beach strain. Some believe it is a descendant of OG Kush, with that spicy-kush flavor. They teamed up once again with Seed Junky Genetics to bring us this potent indica-dominant strain.

Ocean Beach reportedly offers an energizing psychoactive euphoria, with a blissful, narcotic-like body buzz. Couch-lock wasn't a problem as many users found their motivation and creativity enhanced. The dominant terpenes, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool, are believed to work together to provide anti-stress, inflammation, and anxiety benefits. Some users suggest the potency made it difficult to focus their energy, as their stimulated, creative mind tended to jump around.

With THC levels testing at 26%, Ocean Beach is an extremely potent indica-dominant hybrid, with a zesty, fresh flavor, that shouldn't leave you incapacitated, but might leave you a little loopy.

Cbd ocean beach

My last formal job as a chemist was at a CBD company here in San Diego, and through that I was able to get an inside look into their business operations. After leaving that company I started my own. I became aware of the price gouging in the industry, and realized that I could provide the same or better product for a much cheaper price. I felt that people were being taken advantage of and wanted to help alleviate that as much as possible.

I am a classically trained chemist and spent the first 7 years of my career doing research for local pharmaceutical companies in San Diego before embarking on my own. I started making CBD products for my close friends and family and before long, I decided to quit my day job and focus full time on this new venture. It is a one man operation; I create, package, and ship all my products and speak with my customers directly. I like to have these one on one interactions and am proud that there aren’t any sales representative or customer service in between me and my customers. There is no board of directors that I have to answer to. I am fully responsible and accountable for all decisions in this company.

I aim to provide a product which will alleviate your ailments at a price which won’t drain your bank account. If you have any questions feel free to email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Have a wonderful day!

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