cbd medical centre and skin cancer clinic

Cbd medical centre and skin cancer clinic

Direct Billing to Insurers (no Gap Fee) for medical consultations if you have a valid OSHC/OVC*.

​Please call to make an appointment for the above procedures and advise Reception in order for you to be allocated with the appropriate doctor.

Skin cancer and surgery. We have a very knowledgeable team of GPs sub specialising in skin cancer practice that offer a wide range of treatments.


For those WITHOUT a valid Medicare card or OSHC/OVC* membership, our doctor’s fees are:

Please note refusal to wear a face mask may result in appointment being cancelled.


Fees vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. Our doctors will be happy to discuss with you prior to the procedure.

Telephone Consultations are available for patients who wish to speak with a GP without a face to face appointment. Please call 9268 0133. Bulk Billing conditions apply.

Cbd medical centre and skin cancer clinic

If a skin cancer is diagnosed, your doctor may consider a number of factors to determine the best treatment for your skin cancer, including :

Your doctor will conduct an examination and if further treatment is required they will discuss this with you before proceeding. Monitoring and a repeat visit for review is the common outcome.

We have access to the assistance of many Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons if needed for our patients’ convenience

5 Reasons Why You Should Arrange An Appointment For a Skin Check NOW!

If your doctor advises that surgery is involved (biopsy/excision) or a combination of treatment methods your doctor will discuss this with you before proceeding. Often the cancer is removed with the biopsy and no further treatment is needed. If the skin cancer is large or has spread beyond the surface of the skin, more tissue needs to be removed and a dermatologist’s advice may be required. Please ensure that you discuss any concerns with your doctor immediately.

In our clinic, we bulk bill all skin cancer checks (ie no out of pocket cost). This will usually take around 20 minutes. Our doctor will discuss the finding(s) with you and possible treatment(s). Please be advised additional fees apply for all skin procedures.

At Sydney Premier Medical & Health Centre Doctors are aware of the importance of skin health including preventative measures, skin checks and suitable management of many conditions

Our doctors are experienced in the detection, treatment and removal or biopsy of skin cancers/moles at our centre. If you are concerned at any stage about any changes to your skin e.g. moles, sun spots, solar keratosis, please make an appointment as soon as possible.

When making an online appointment for a skin check, please write in the comments box that the appointment is for a skin check and the front staff can book in a long appointment accordingly.