cbd manufacturing software

We know compliance. xTuple provides the tools needed for manufacturing and distribution, including the tracking and tracing required for compliance with regulation across the board. Comprehensive financial reporting and KPI dashboards provide the visibility necessary to optimize processes and people and forecast more accurately for sustainable growth and profitability.

We get highly regulated industries. For nearly 20 years, xTuple has been supporting food production – from slaughter to sale – and the biomed and pharma industries. xTuple ERP is poised to help the CBD/Hemp industry – whether you’re a grower, processor, reseller, lab or working across the entire supply chain.

Management from one platform with one price. Check out the following overview of key areas of functionality that address needs in the CBD/Hemp space.

“From my initial consultation, to the tailored live demo, I immediately felt that KLER was taking the time to learn about me and the challenges I was experiencing in my business. They provided a personalized experience, took the time to ask questions and to listen, and ultimately they were able to offer me software solution that will help my business expand.”

“I’ve spent a lot of time using other systems that didn’t understand the needs of our industry. I like using KLER because it’s simple, convenient, yet flexible and that is what really catches the attention of the processors or any stage of production really. I find it helpful that it can easily be adjusted to any particular system or production site. I really appreciate you building this software.”

Michelle Shoemaker, GroWell Founder

“After viewing demos for numerous different cannabis management software, KLER’s functionality is what set it apart from all the others. KLER’s robust platform gave us insight into our day-to-day business operations which helped us to streamline our processes. It reduced our customer wait time, helped us more efficiently track inventory throughout our entire vertically integrated business, and gave us top-of-the-line dashboards and reports to better understand our supply chain and associated costs. KLER’s support was also crucial, their response time is unrivaled and will work to find a solution in a very timely manner. I would recommend their product to any cannabis grower, manufacturer, or retailer.”

“After reviewing several competing cannabis software products offerings, we decided to partner with KLER THC for our dispensaries, cultivation and manufacturing operation, and are so glad we did. KLER captures more data points than competitors and, more importantly, offers exponentially more reporting options that capitalize on the data collected. Getting detailed, refined information on various aspects of the business gives us the insight we need to make well informed business decisions.I would recommend KLER to any new or established cannabis operation.”

Nazim, Cultivar Oregon Founder

“Seed to Sale tracking software is one of the challenges within the MMJ industry. KLER always went the extra mile to find a solution to make it work. It takes the right leadership and persistence to keep it going and to keep up with all the moving parts and changes in the industry. It only works with a dedicated team and partner. Thankfully we found one in KLER.”