cbd lotion recipe

CBD lotion ingredients:

CBD balms have oil bases, and they are usually thicker and harder than other oil-based hemp topicals. Often featuring high concentrations of beeswax, CBD balms are commonly packaged in tins, and due to their high wax content, they create effective skin barriers.

When you make your own hemp lotion using CBD flower, you’re free to enhance the anti-aging properties of your formula with ingredients like collagen, jojoba oil, lactic acid, or peptides.

The term “CBD lotion” usually refers to a water-based CBD topical with a reasonably runny texture. CBD lotions contain up to 50% water, and they are surprisingly difficult to keep stable. As a result, CBD lotions sometimes cost more, and they usually contain more additives than other types of hemp topicals.

How to make DIY CBD lotion with hemp flower

Plenty of potent terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids

We generally recommend that you infuse your DIY recipes with 3-7 grams of Secret Nature CBD flower per cup of other ingredients. If knowing the exact dosage of your DIY CBD lotion is important to you, this figure is relatively easy to calculate.

Option to add extra antioxidants

What is CBD lotion?

When you make your own hemp lotion at home, you can include or avoid any ingredients that you like. While it might take quite a bit of experimentation to land on a lotion formula that you love, the topical you end up producing will be all yours.

Maximizing the benefits of anti-aging CBD cream

Cbd lotion recipe

In our cannabis salve recipe, we prefer to use mostly coconut oil, because it is full of saturated fat that binds well with cannabinoids. It is also ultra-moisturizing. We also add a dash of olive oil to increase absorption and smoothness. To learn more about various carrier oils, check out our homemade calendula oil article – where I discuss the pros and cons of a dozen different oil options!

Using Decarboxylated or Raw Cannabis in Salve

Considering all of this, we like to use both decarbed and raw organic cannabis (containing both THC and CBD) to create a full-spectrum, well-rounded, ultra-healing finished product.

Supplies Needed

On the other hand, emerging studies are revealing that raw THCA and CBDA have some pretty groovy perks too. THCA is showing a promising ability to reduce inflammation, muscle spasms, arthritis, and cancer. CBDA also fights inflammation and tumor growth.