cbd lollipops nyc

Cbd lollipops nyc

Other businesses like Bubby’s in Tribeca is selling CBD-infused cocktails. For around $20, you can drink a Banana Rum Old Fashioned or a Summer Margarita — all mixed with a CBD sweetener. Bubby’s partnered with Azuca to introduce a CBD infused sweetener to the menu, which they put in their cocktails, coffees and teas.

“One-third of our business comes from CBD-infused drinks alone,” he said, adding that inquisitive foreigners also frequent his shop after finding out about it online.

In Two Bridges, Oliver Coffee is also selling coffee infused with cannabinoid. For an additional $3, baristas will add the oil to any drink.

Ultimately, owners of these specialty shops emphasize the importance of informed shopping. Luis Sagar, owner of The Alchemist Kitchen in the East Village, wants his shoppers to come into his store with questions and leave with the knowledge to form their own opinions.

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“People are buying this product because it helps them get through their day,” Ford told News 4 New York. “They’re regular people who suffer from stressful jobs and come in to relax. CBD mixed with the caffeine in our coffee gives them the energy to go about their day without the constant stress and anxiety they suffer through.”

The controversial compound found in the cannabis plant is said to have several medical benefits, including anti-anxiety, stress relief, pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s even been approved by the FDA to treat seizures linked to two rare forms of epilepsy.

Ian Ford sells CBD-infused drinks ranging from $6 to $7, along with lollipops, caramels and jams at his Brooklyn cafe, Caffeine Underground. He says regulars come in to purchase CBD foods three to four times a week, claiming they help with issues such as arthritis, stress, and even ADHD.


Research is still emerging on the use of CBD for medical conditions, and the jury’s still out on risks and side effects, according to a News 4 I-Team investigation. But with the increased interest in CBD, New York City shops have recognized an opportunity to sell products containing the oil.

By CHLOE co-founder Samantha Wasser said in a press release, “I am a big believer in the benefits of CBD and the potential of this ever-expanding industry.”

Cbd lollipops nyc

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