cbd lemonade erewhon

Cbd lemonade erewhon

As California celebrates its 6-month legalized cannabis anniversary, a new industry of THC and CBD-infused drinks, along with an abundance of other cannabis-infused products are finding their way into mainstream society.

Thanks to anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, CBD-infused drinks can provide a relaxing, subliminal buzz, and are also becoming the go-to alternatives for cannabis users looking to experiment, without dealing with the mind-altering effects that come with THC.

A few bottles of Kickback Cold brew Coffee ended up at the FOODBEAST offices a few months back. Made with CBD and hemp oil, this cold brew is a tasty way to take off the edge. Some cold brew mixtures can be an easy way to jump-start your mornings or afternoon routine, but most likely end in a jittery crash. Adding CBD to this tasty mixture helped ease after-coffee anxiety and prevented a harsh crash.

Cbd lemonade erewhon

Here’s what You‘s Anavrin has in common with the real thing.

Find out why influencers and celebrities flock to Erewhon.

Erewhon is a health food pioneer.

An article on The ChalkboardMag summed it up best: “Erewhon is the Neiman Marcus of grocery stores.”

Erewhon’s name is “Nowhere” backwards, but with the “w” and “h” switched. The name comes from Samuel Butler’s book of the same name. In the tale, Erewhon is the name of a fictional country.

Like Anavrin, Erewhon’s name has a hidden message.

On the surface, Anavrin achieves its goal. It looks more like a Pottery Barn kitchen stocked by the Barefoot Contessa than a typical grocery store, with fluorescents and freezer hum. As if Anavrin’s shopping experience couldn’t get any dreamier, there’s also bookstore within the supermarket.

Cbd lemonade erewhon

Close up of the deep blue color in the ginger lemonade.

Want a delicious drink that is infused with healing powers? Look no further than this ginger lemonade with blue spirulina and CBD. This ginger lemonade is refreshing, relaxing, and perfect for those hot summer days when you need something to cool off and refresh. This recipe came to life from our trips to Erewhon Market in Los Angeles. There are days where we will make the trek from Laguna Beach to Erewhon (over an hour drive) just to get a CBD lemonade.

The Beauty of Blue Magick

When is your favorite time to enjoy a nice refreshing glass of lemonade? Let me know in the comments below!

That beautiful blue color? That’s Blue Magick! To add a little magic to this drink and bright blue color, I decided to add some e3 Live Blue Magik. Blue Magik has a wide variety of health benefits as well:

The Magic of CBD Oil

After a few of these journeys and with the weather heating up, I was inspired and decided to make it myself. I have City and Sea CBD oil always on hand because it’s my personal favorite and usually a whole bunch of lemons. Another plus of this recipe? It only requires a few ingredients on hand so it was time to get creative!