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Exhibitors – CBD at the NACS Show
At the 2022 NACS Show in Las Vegas, NACS members that manufacture or distribute hemp-derived CBD products are eligible to participate as exhibitors. Exhibiting suppliers with products containing CBD must comply with the following statements and agree to our supplemental addendum:

Not Legal Products – Marijuana-derived products, products containing marijuana, and products containing not legal substances are strictly prohibited at the NACS Show. This includes products such as Delta-8 THC, among other products.

Products Containing CBD – The FDA has not approved any retail products containing hemp-derived CBD that are ingestible or that make claims of therapeutic benefit/disease treatment. The FDA therefore maintains that the sale of such products is illegal under the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act.

Products Containing Kratom(Updated 11/22/2021) Kratom-based products will not be permitted at the 2022 NACS Show in Las Vegas.

The NACS Show welcomes exhibitors who are selling legal products in a legal manner. NACS does not independently evaluate the legality of the products shown in the exposition but any product of which NACS becomes aware that is not a legal product or that is not being offered in a legal manner will be removed from the NACS Show.

Attendees – ​CBD Products Notice
Please be aware of the following statements regarding CBD products at the 2022 NACS Show.

Cbd las vegas show

A year after retiring from football, Turley moved to Nashville where he set his sights on pursuing a music career. He formed The Kyle Turley Band and released his first album, a 4-track self-titled EP, in 2009. His first full-length album, Anger Management, was released in 2010 and included all songs from the earlier EP. The album sold over 10,000 copies and reached as high as No. 69 and 17 on the iTunes and AmazonMP3 country charts respectively, while also charting at No. 8 on Billboard's Heatseekers South Central chart. His next album, a 6-song EP titled Death, Drugs & the DoubleCross, came out in 2011 and became the top selling album in New Orleans, as well as reaching #1 on Billboard's Heatseekers South Central chart and #28 on the Heatseekers chart overall. Turley's second full-length album Skull Shaker was released in 2013.

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Knowing the value of the plant and the hurdles that the government and big pharma has placed on marijuana, Kyle has created Neuro XPF, a lab tested, federal guideline compliant, THC-Free, CBD (Hemp derived) cannabis supplement focused on Bioavailability. CBD (cannabidiol) has shown in studies to have neuro-protective and antioxidative properties that could address a myriad of maladies facing our Military and NFL Veterans while supporting the general health and well being of all aged athletes.

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Kyle Turley’s Biography
Kyle John Turley is a former American football offensive lineman who played eight seasons in the National Football League. Turley played five seasons for the New Orleans Saints and a year with the St. Louis Rams as well as 2 years with the Kansas City Chiefs.