cbd isolate

Cbd isolate

Cannabidiol, CBD isolate 99.5% with less than 0.0002% THC.

CBD isolate of exceptional quality. Produced by natural processes, perfect microbiological purity and with a content of 99.50% Cannabidiol (CBD).
CBD is the cannabinoid naturally present in cannabis. Each cannabinoid has its own functions and properties. Changing the spectrum or proportion of individual cannabinoids in a cannabis preparation changes its effects. Therefore, cannabinoid isolates are particularly suitable for the preparation of a full spectrum adapted to the needs of the individual and specific problems.


Cbd isolate

These capsules are one of the easiest ways to implement CBD in your daily life. Simply take a CBD capsule along with your morning vitamins, and you’ll be coasting through the rest of your day.

Extraction Method

Evidence of CBD’s benefits has been slowly trickling in since its federal legalization under the 2018 Farm Bill. Before then, research on the subject was slim. Even today, experts agree that a widespread foray on the benefits CBD can have to your life lags in research and studies.

What to Look For When Buying CBD Isolate?

The extraction process for Lazarus Naturals is a bit different than other CBD extraction methods. They extract the CBD through an ethanol solvent, which, when done correctly, can be a highly efficient way of separating the cannabis compounds from plant matter.