cbd isolate cheap reddit

Cbd isolate cheap reddit

I am looking to start selling wholesale cbd products and would like to start with isolate. Willing to pay roughly 5000/kilo. Is this possible?

Generally, single kilos go for 7-8K depending on labs, potency and extraction method. 5K a kilo is possible but most labs will only go that low if a contract is signed stating you will buy X amount every month – usually in the range of 25 kilos a month ish.

Cbd isolate cheap reddit

Their CBD isolate costs $27 per gram. (10% off with ALLCBD10)

Vape it, or mix with oil then take sublingualy.

Fully activated! I just ordered 3.5 grams of isolate powder for 65 bucks. Can't beat it.

I think today's gonna be a good day for Fully Activated.

My vote will go to CBDistillery.

dab rig, or make it into ejuice

Maybe a dumb question. How can you use isolate? It sounds ideal for me since I don’t want any THC in it but I have no idea how to use it!

Fully activated. I just got 7 grams in slab form, and couldn’t be happier.