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The Holistic Connection is Murfreesboro’s premier cannabis dispensary in Murfreesboro Tennessee. With over a decade of combined experience as a licensed cannabis grower in California and Tennessee Our team are experienced veterans in producing the highest quality flower and cannabis-derived products on the market.

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Mark Case, who works alongside Case at the processing plant and manages the daily grind, said that the pair take significant pride in how they manage their hemp.

“It was a ginormous error facilitated by lack of education,” Wall said.

Hemp industry ‘is here to stay’

Growing hemp in Tennessee, though restricted, has been legal since 2015, when a pilot program was launched in 2015. Monitored by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, the program has expanded yearly. Now more than 220 farmers are growing hemp on more than 3,400 acres of land across the state.

The increase in business is likely as farms that have historically grown tobacco are making the switch to hemp. Tobacco profits are decreasing and the market for hemp is expanding.

But it’s not actually weed you’re smelling; It’s hemp, and it’s legal in Tennessee.