cbd icy muscle gel

Cbd icy muscle gel

As an avid skier, cyclist, and burgeoning trail runner in my mid 30s, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to hurt myself. A ski crash in 2019 left me with chronic neck stiffness. This summer, an overly zealous mountain bike jump dislocated my thumb and ended my mountain biking season. Thus I was compelled to begin trail running 15 to 25 miles at a time to fulfill my need for physical exertion and immersion in the natural world. It’s been a sore summer, managing old and new injuries and pushing my unaccustomed body to run for hours. I wanted pain management solutions other than drugstore options, but hadn’t been blown away CBD products I’d tried fleetingly. However, the Pachamam brand seems quite successful and popular so I was cautiously optimistic to give the CBD Icy Muscle Gel a try.

ProView – Pachamama CBD Icy Muscle Gel



I was impressed that the effects lasted for at least an hour, specifically when I used it on my neck. For whatever reason, the tingly sensation didn’t last as long on my hamstrings, back, or joints.

Try out this 500mg of THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD muscle gel combined with a potent healing blend of essential oils for all-natural healing; sourced from Mother Earth. Cooling* Lavender & Peppermint temporarily relieve nagging pains in muscle and joints, with inflammation-fighting properties to keep you moving with ease.

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, water, hemp extract, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, geranium essential oil, myrrh essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, clove essential oil, Hemp-Extracted Cannabidiol

As this is an all natural product, the heating/cooling effects are not as profound as unnatural products.