cbd houston law

Cbd houston law

Texas CBD Laws — what are they, how do they work, and can you get high legally yet? To answer that last question first, no. Texas is still a weed-free zone (unless you have very specific medical conditions). Check out these Houston weed laws.

Texas CBD Laws: What you need to know

Thanks to the recently passed House Bill 1325, new Texas CBD laws state that hemp and hemp-derived products are now legal (effective Sept. 1st, 2019). But what exactly does this change in our laws mean? How did it all happen, and what’s the fine print? Let’s take a look:

Has your case been affected by the new CBD laws in Texas?

But if you’re wondering, “Is CBD legal in Texas?” then you might not be as disappointed. Let’s check out some of the high-level bullet points regarding the new Texas CBD laws.

Cbd houston law

Hemp is in the same family as marijuana. The main difference is that hemp contains close to no THC, the psychoactive substance that gets marijuana users high.

At the Houston Police Department, Sgt. Martin Skeen with the narcotics division said the new law’s impact has been “massive” for law enforcement. For now, he said, the department is holding a lot of evidence for when testing becomes more widely available.


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And on the law enforcement side, Sam Houston State University is currently developing THC testing equipment for use by Texas crime labs.

“Anxiety, stress, PTSD, which we see a lot of, inflammation, arthritis, joint pain naturally,” Utsey said. “Those are the benefits you’re going to see off the top for everybody.”

Cbd houston law

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Does this mean you can have CBD oil products in your car and not get arrested if you’re pulled over? Yes, but it could still be tested by law enforcement.

Texas clarifies hemp law

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The commissioner said the “unique complexities” in CBD regulation have left the agency with many unanswered questions related to its safety. The agency will take public comments on CBD through July 2, but Sharpless said that implementing new regulation could take years.

Source: KPRC and Houston Chronicle