cbd holland and barrett

Cbd holland and barrett

Produced from the highest quality industrial hemp cultivated in the EU, this premium full-spectrum CBD oil has been blended with hemp oil.

With formats ranging from a daily capsule, to a few drops that can be added to your morning coffee, finding a form of CBD that befits your individual lifestyle couldn’t be simpler.

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Just where, pray tell, would you acquire said products? Enter Holland & Barrett: an undisputed high-street hero when it comes to some of the best CBD products in show.

Been wanting to try CBD but not sure where to start? Here’s the lowdown.


Pureis products have been expertly researched and processed in a lab – resulting in ultra-pure CBD with 0% THC. (The psychoactive component of the hemp plant mentioned above.) Their products come in capsule, spray and drop form – with the choice of natural, spearmint and orange flavours in a variety of strengths.

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“It is great to see in this instance that we can help with the demand.”

The description also explains that the product has a “distinctive taste”, but that a small drink of water after taking the oil will take the taste away within 30 seconds.

“‘We have been surprised at the success and popularity of CBD oil since its launch,” said a spokesperson for Holland & Barrett.


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On the brand’s website, it states that each bottle of the “100 per cent natural cannabidiol oil” contains around 240 drops.

“Undecided on this so far, not sure it’s doing anything for me, except giving me a foul taste in my mouth,” one disappointed shopper wrote.


“We are constantly looking to bring new and innovative products to market that help our customers.

A natural product used by many to ease symptoms of various ailments from joint pain and multiple sclerosis to anxiety and depression, CBD oil does not produce a high as it contains less than 0.2 per cent of the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol – as such, it is legal to buy and consume in the UK.