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Note that Texas law may consider the total weight of seized edibles to determine charges and penalties —not simply the amount of THC in them. This may occur when it is impossible to determine the volume of THC oil in a product apart from its dilutant or adulterant, as it is called under the law. Reverse engineering of how an edible was created or otherwise trying to determine the percentage of THC is sometimes too difficult for laboratories to determine.

THC gummies and other edibles are not considered in the same penalty category as marijuana; they are part of drug penalty group two, which is among the most heavily regulated drug penalty groups. Other drugs in this group include ecstasy and PCP. The rationale behind placing THC in his group and attaching harsher penalties than those associated with marijuana is that THC is more concentrated than marijuana, including in its effect on the user’s brain.

Another concern with CBD products is that although many are advertised as having no or low THC content, that may not be true. If you are stopped in Texas and have a CBD product that the authors send off for laboratory testing and the results show THC, you could be facing criminal charges. Accordingly — just as with THC edibles — even though they may legal where you bought them, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can bring them into Texas without criminal consequences.

Collateral Consequences of THC Edibles Felony Conviction

If you’re wondering how much is too much THC for Texas law, you might be surprised to know that even just one THC-infused gummy bear, which weighs less than four grams, could subject you to 180 days to 2 years in prison.

That is, you may certainly purchase THC edibles where it is legal, but you may not then bring those same products across state lines into Texas without potentially facing legal problems if caught.

Texas Law Concerning Possession of Marijuana vs. THC Edibles

While Texas has remained steadfast in its commitment to keeping all possession and use of marijuana illegal, the state legislature did pass the Texas Compassionate Use Act in 2015. This law permits the purchase and possession of oils infused with cannabidiol, which can be used as a pain reliever and seizure treatment.

Although snacking on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) edibles like gummies may seem like it’s less dangerous legally than smoking marijuana, that simply isn’t the case in Texas. Simply put, if you’re wondering whether you can legally bring THC edibles into Texas, the answer is a resounding no — and you could face stiff penalties for doing so. This general principle is true even if you purchased the edibles where they are legal.

Cbd gummies texas

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