cbd geneve

Available in different concentrations 5%, 10%, 20% and 30% in 5ml, 10ml and 30ml bottles.

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Our range of Swiss CBD products, cbd oil and extract are designed and selected for their therapeutic qualities.

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Cbd geneve

We are involved every day in a continue process of excellence. This starts all starts with the Swiss regulation laws for production that requires a rigorous selection of plants and of a culture process that respects people and the environment in both a sustainable and equity manner. Therefore, this guarantees to our clients that we never used neither pesticides nor herbicides on our plants. This is part of our ecological approach. The plants are then hand harvested, sending a strong guarantee and message of our commitment.

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A 0.5ml refill cartridge of “The Best” vape of Rosin (approx. 250-300 draws), providing a 20% CBD content.

We proudly present you our variety of goods that you can also enjoy in our local stores this season!

Our commitment to our clients is to keep a local and proximity production and high swiss quality production standards

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We offer a swiss local organic CBD, with a complete and large range of products and sustainable responsible accountability. You will find CBD flowers, oils and even a large range of CBD cosmetics…

Normal or express delivery in Switzerland within 24 to 48 hours. Shipping in Europe and International – depending on the country of order – between 3 to10 days

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With this exceptional Lemon Indoor dive into an extraordinary Lemon and nectarine aroma.One of the best iconic herbs in the world that we proudly propose to you into a CBD version.

We are constantly seaking to strengthen our territorial anchorage in each region we can in our beautiful country: Switzerland