cbd genetics charlotte’s web

Cbd genetics charlotte's web

Health Effects

Supplies zest for life

Charlotte’s Web Uses & Actions

Recreational Effects

Trichomes cover the leaves and the entire nug with the thin, almost unnoticeable shawl of white crystals of resin. This lack of so usual frost that we expect from cannabis comes from the low THC level. Still, the true value of Charlotte’s Web strain is not its eye-catching appearance, but the amazing CBD content and beneficial effects.

Charlotte’s Web Appearance & Consistency

Here are the basics about the Charlotte’s Web Effects:

While every cannabis strain has a story, the Charlotte’s Web legacy is nothing short of remarkable.

The history of Charlotte’s Web

High-CBD cultivars are more popular than ever before.

4. Benefits of myrcene

As it turns out, there is some evidence that the molecule is partly responsible for the calming effect that makes lavender so popular.