cbd for wrist tendonitis

Oh and that lovecbd lab testing – I wouldn’t trust it. The lab is some shitty Czech lab without any kinds of accreditation or external auditing.

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I solved my wrist pain by cutting my bars down from 760 to 710.

Don’t hold back now Tom!


Some excellent replies, thanks!

Seriously tempted myself. Had pain issues on-off for over 6 years – one post operative pain, then got my spine mangled by a car driver. Still in pain, and having tried the stuff the GP’s prescribe (horrible side effects and horrendous coming off them when you realise the side effects are bad and outweigh the pain).

Had a spray yesterday eve. Same shit night’s sleep as ever, just with a gob that tasted like an ashtray

I am going to try cbd oil. for arthritis. just need to know what to buy.

Cbd for wrist tendonitis

The tendons in your body are pieces of tissue that connect your muscles and bones. Tendons are found throughout your body. There are small tendons located in places like your hand, and larger rope-like ones in your legs. Your tendons react when your muscles contract, which then allows your bones to move. Healthy tendons are essential for easy and pain-free movement.

Common Locations of Tendonitis

While more research must be done on the subject before anything can be proven, the studies that have been done on CBD’s effects on inflammation are very promising. This leads us to believe that CBD for tendonitis is effective in reducing the inflammation.

Can CBD for tendonitis help alleviate the pain?

Ultimately, taking a break from whatever activity is causing the damage is your priority. It is very important that you allow your tendons the time to heal so that the injury does not get worse.

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