cbd for pets denver

Cbd for pets denver

Good Vibe CBD – October 29, 2020

A great way to help anxious pets relax!

These have been nice relaxing treats to give our dogs any time of the day to help their aches and pains. They sleep better and feel better overall when taking Good Vibe CBD.

Brown rice flour, coconut flour, peanut butter, water, honey, flaxseed oil, baking powder, MCT oil, CBD isolate, vitamin E oil. These dog treats are all organic and grain-free!

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Joyce Sorensen – October 26, 2020

Good Vibe CBD – March 10, 2020

When it comes to our pets we like to provide only the best! That is why our team developed Chakra Snacks and Brody Bites! These hand made biscuits are all organic and absolutely delicious! They are made with such pure and simple ingredients they are safe for even people. We guarantee nothing but the best quality and care when it comes to our biscuits. Honey & Peanut butter flavored , grain free, made with CBD Isolate. 100% THC free.

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Chakra Skin 5mg (Small Dog), Brody Bites 15mg (Large Dog)

Chakra Snacks: 25 treats that are 5 mg per piece : $24.99

Cbd for pets denver

Good Vibe CBD – November 23, 2020

Joyce S – November 21, 2020

We give our 13 year old dogs this tincture and it helps them sleep better and helps stiff hips! Our pups love this stuff

Good Vibe CBD – November 20, 2020

Thank you sir!! Pat Zoey on the head for us!!

I have an 11 year old black lab named Zoey. Her hips are very bad but once I gave her some Good Vibe CBD Pet Tincture she has been able to make it up the stairs in our home and I have been able to take her on longer walks! This is an amazing product and my pup loves it! Thank you Good Vibe CBD! 5 Stars!

We are thrilled to hear it is helping your pups hips! Thank you for the feedback Joyce!