cbd flower drug test

How about we walk through an example together, using Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower as our model. This strain’s aroma is sweet and has tasting notes of pineapple and papaya, thanks to its tropical terpene profile.

On top of that, several factors can influence the outcome of your drug test result. These include the source of your CBD, the amount you consume, how long you consume it for, your individual body chemistry, and more.

So, what are your choices if you want to smoke CBD flower, but are subject to random drug testing?

Many people turn to CBD because they want a safe, herbal solution to their physical or mental discomforts. Since hemp-derived CBD products are now legal in the U.S. the number of people trying CBD flower grows by the day. But, what impact does this have on drug testing? It’s the question on everyone’s minds.

Is Smoking CBD Flower Good For You?

As of December 2018, CBD containing less than 0.3% THC has been federally legal in the U.S. Since then, employers all over the country are trying to assess how CBD is going to impact their mandatory drug screenings. Millions of employees are required to take drug tests, so it’s a legitimate concern to have.

Before starting your search, keep these tips in mind.

First, let’s start with a question that might be troubling you.

Will I Fail a Drug Test After Smoking CBD?

Some users who smoke hemp report uplifting effects that make socializing fun and easy. While others enjoy this strain at night because it’s relaxing and calming. Overall, Hawaiian Haze has the ability to increase your happiness factor and allow any anxiousness to simply melt away.

Ok, here’s the deal. Labs that perform drug screenings don’t actually test for CBD since it’s non-intoxicating. So, to set the record straight, you can’t fail a drug test because of CBD.

There’s always a potential — however slim — that CBD might make you fail a drug test since every CBD product contains some trace amount of THC. That’s the case whether it’s full-spectrum CBD with up to 0.3% THC or purified CBD isolate with just a few THC molecules kicking around.

Can using CBD make you fail a drug test?

If you want to avoid testing positive for THC, consider using CBD vapes that are advertised as “isolate” or “broad-spectrum.” Without the terpenes present in full-spectrum hemp extract, though, CBD might become less effective .

8. Will vaping CBD show up in a drug test?

If you consider a drug test to be ruined when it shows a positive result for THC, then the chances of CBD “ruining” a drug test are very slim. All CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, and some contain more THC than others. If you’re concerned that testing positive for THC could impact your job, clear your CBD use with the party requesting the test first.