cbd eye drops buy

When considering CBD eye drops, here’s what you should know!

What Are CBD Eye Drops?

You will need to consult with your doctor to identify if CBD eye drops are right for you and together determine the dose that would work well for you taking into account the uptake challenge of CBD when applied topically as an eye drop.

Proper Dosage and Use

Should you decide to go the CBD route, it’s vital that you buy your CBD eye drops from reputable brands that don’t compromise on the quality or composition of their CBD products. This will ensure you buy quality and safe CBD products.

Cbd eye drops buy

According to GL Wellness, their CBD travels not just to the cornea but through all the different layers of your eyes. It can allegedly reach all the way through to your optic nerve. This would make the CBD able to help provide relief from eye conditions of many different types.

Dalhousie University in Halifax was one of the first organizations to research the effects of CBD on the eye. Their research focused on treating corneal pain with the cannabinoid.

Second Generation: Microencapsulated (Nano) CBD Eye Drops

There are a few specific cases where CBD can be beneficial to eye health:

Cautions & Dangers of CBD Eye Drops

In either case, companies like GL Wellness have developed CBD eye drops that are already being adopted into mainstream eye care.

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