cbd drop shipping companies

Cbd drop shipping companies

A low-weight product, CBD is also cheaper to ship, creating the opportunity for a larger profit.

How to Start CBD Dropshipping

And once you’ve done all of the above, make sure you’re syncing inventory availability, order management, and more with a reliable dropship automation platform.

2. Partner With a CBD-Approved Payment Processor

As the market continues to grow, more people will become curious, which creates excellent conversion opportunities. You can also count on return buyers and the opportunity for loyal customers, as most CBD consumers use it daily.

Cbd drop shipping companies

We are a top east coast cannabis cultivator. CBD users recognize our vintage brand for the quality, safety, and premium genetics it represents.

The Longleaf difference brings out the pride in our team. From premium CBD skin care to digital marketing, Longleaf pros represent.

Come see the green in person, waft in the whiffs of dank smells and talk about making green with Longleaf CBD.


The CBD market is exploding and the Longleaf Provisions dropshipping program lets you make green with our CBD. I f you meet the criteria then you could begin selling today!

When you’re in the Winston-Salem area, make a pit-stop at the eclectic Ardmore area. Our premiere CBD dispensary is at:


Longleaf controls its supply chain with vertical integration. This eliminates risk and increases product quality. In turn, superior products create customer loyalty and that’s cash in your pocket.

We are a seed-to-shelf supplier with an inspired West Coast grow operation. LPC produces smokable CBD flower and each with its specific strain flavor profile preserved.

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