cbd distillate machine

Cbd distillate machine

But, there are important considerations to remember when making this kind of extract. In CBD distillate, delta 9 THC cannot exceed 0.3% in a final extract in order to remain legal. Because these extracts are made from hemp, there are low levels of delta 9 THC in the plant to start with. So, THC is a concern in CBD distillate, but it is a very simple issue that can be solved through methods like chromatography or dilution.

There are a couple of common pieces of distillation equipment that are used to create this thin film needed for proper distillation. One is a rotary evaporator, commonly called a rotovap. This equipment uses a large, glass vessel that is continually rotated. This allows a thin film of oil to form on the inside of the glass vessel. Coupled with heat and vacuum pressure, the solvent evaporates and the distillate is collected in a separate vessel.

CBD distillate is the key to making quality CBD based products. The following article dives into several prominent trends in the world of hemp distillation and the key to making quality CBD distillate including GMP compliance, reduced maintenance, full automation and more. It highlights extrakLAB’s latest distillation technology in the fracTron 1000 and clearSTILL 400.

Above, we’ve highlighted the methods of making CBD distillate from extraction, to winterization to distillation itself. This process will yield hemp based extracts that are incredibly pure that are used for a variety of popular CBD products on the store shelves today. But, what about the process of how to make cannabis distillate? What do you have to do in the distillation process to make THC extracts?

How to Make Cannabis Distillate

A very important part of this process is thin film technology. While the vacuum pressure and heat will remove water, solvents and other molecules in the extract on its own, the process is much more efficient when a thin film of oil is created on an evaporative surface. Let’s go into this in a little more detail.

A thin film of oil is intentionally made on the inside surface of a distillation machine in order to purify more efficiently. This is because less heat is required to volatilize, or boil the solvents in the extract when it is spread out. An easy way to remember this is to think of water. If water is in a bucket, it will take a long time to evaporate, but if that same amount of water is poured across the floor, it will evaporate much more quickly.

All forms of CBD distillate have their place in the market. Depending on the customers desires, full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate can be important to them where other products are not usable for them. Therefore, it is important to incorporate all of them in your process.

CBD Distillation: Equipment, Processes and Output

Then there is cannabis distillate itself. Because this form of distillate is made from the cannabis plant, it will be primarily delta 9 THC in the extract itself. This is because delta 9 THC is the most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant that can be extracted. So, after distillation, you can expect a cannabis distillate to have a delta 9 THC content of 95% – 99% purity.

The reason for this is that delta 9 THC is not federally legal and has psychoactive properties. Both of these properties give reason for some users of CBD distillate to use one product over another. For example, if a customer has an issue with psychoactive products and doesn’t want to risk any form of adverse effects, they may find that a broad spectrum or isolate product is best for them.

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