cbd crew strains

Cbd crew strains

Grows like a Sativa, flowers like an Indica. Big yielder, like it’s origins. Pay attention to supporting the plant during the final stage of flowering, use sticks to prevent branches from breaking.

it took a bit longer than we had planned back in 2011 in our interview on weed world but we finally managed to get our new site online.

CBD-rich varieties – CBD Critical mass

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main cannabinoids present in the naturally growing populations and in the industrially cultivated varieties of Cannabis sativa L. CBD its not psychoactive and has several pharmacological properties, among others it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound.

Cbd crew strains

In recent years, a cannabinoid different from THC has increasingly interested growers and cannabis users: the CBD, which has the distinction of producing the following therapeutic effects:

CBD Therapy – CBD Crew

Alchimia presents here the CBD Indica Mix from CBD Crew, a set of different mostly Indica feminised seeds rich in Cannabidiol, so all indoor and outdoor growers can enjoy a wide range of flavours in every harvest. Thanks to the knowledge of the CBD [. ]

CBD Indica Mix – CBD Crew

To alleviate these symptoms, CBD Crew, thanks to the technical and scientific support of Canna laboratories, strove to select and reproduce specimens only presenting a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio in order to minimize the mental effects that therapeutic consumers do not seek, and therefore taking advantage of the medicinal virtues of marijuana.