cbd credit card processing

Cbd credit card processing

Your business needs a merchant account that won’t charge crazy high fees or cancel your account out of nowhere because you’re considered “high risk”. You need a processor that has experience with similar businesses and knows the struggles that you have already been through for trying to simply accept credit card payments.

Can I get an online CBD Merchant Account?

It’s common for processors to require that you, as a business, continue to process a certain amount a month in order to stay a client, or else you’ll face an additional fee to cover for the amount of the minimum that was not hit. With Shift, the monthly minimum for our CBD Merchants is only $25.

Low Monthly Minimums

If you’re looking for an online CBD merchant account, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff is trained to get to the bottom of what will work best for you while keeping the fees low so you can grow your business.

But I was not alone.

Now, back to Elavon.

I woke up that morning to an email saying that our application was pending, but the bank was backed up, and nobody knew how long it would take. When I finally got to speak with our broker, they outlined several alternative solutions that I spent the rest of the day applying for. Through all of this, here’s what I learned.

When the plug was officially pulled on May 15, the industry was not prepared. So many people had unknowingly submitted duplicate applications that, when May 15 came, we were all stuck waiting in line behind ourselves.

There are four main processing options for CBD brands: