cbd cortisol

When calculating how many mg of CBD to take for treating any symptoms including lowering cortisol levels, there are a few aspects to factor in. You will want to consider your body weight, your condition, your treating, and the concentration of CBD in whatever form you are taking it in. It’s important to discuss this with your doctor before taking anything to make sure that it is safe for your specific health issues.

Many people have spoken about going into “flight or fight” mode when they’re stressed out or threatened. While this is just a saying, there is a hormone called cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, that’s responsible for this type of reaction in stressful situations. Cortisol was an essential hormone when humans were hunting for meals every day and running from predators because it allowed an extra boost of energy in that high-stress situation so we could either outrun the predator or catch the prey.

If you ‘re using a product that is mostly CBD with very low levels of THC, then you should not experience any side effects that you would from ingesting THC, such as the stereotypical high that people associated with cannabis.

How to use CBD to lower cortisol levels?

It’s recommended that anyone taking CBD for the first time starts small with somewhere between 20-40 mg the first time and gradually increases it by 5 mg every week. You can keep increasing it until you feel that your symptoms are being properly treated because it takes different amounts for everyone and there is no exact science on the amount to ingest.

While cortisol is good in high-stress situations to trigger our flight or fight and get us out safely, too much of it can have detrimental effects on our health including developing long-term chronic diseases. These health effects can include poor sleeping habits, high blood pressure, and even gastrointestinal issues. Chronic cortisol release can also result in diabetes, obesity, and other autoimmune issues.

How cortisol works

CBD has been highly studied as a way to fight against these high cortisol levels. The results have been encouraging because they’ve found that CBD interacts with your endocrine system to regulate hormone production. Your endocrine system is a variety of glands that produce the hormones in your body and these hormones are powerful chemicals that sustain major effects on your body.

Since the endocrine system is in charge of managing stress and thus producing cortisol, CBD can be used to directly manage cortisol production. By using CBD, you can avoid the psychoactive effects of THC and gain the benefits of regulating hormone production.

Cbd cortisol

If you have wondered about the legality or addictive qualities of CBD due to the fact that it comes from the hemp plant, rest assured that it’s safe and legal.Make sure you purchase it from a respectable source with purity testing results available. If you’re dealing with anxiety, sleeplessness, or any of the other issues highlighted above, CBD may be able to help. It may even be a safer alternative than medications for some individuals.*

Unfortunately with inflammatory diseases like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and asthma, the body’s inflammation response is in overdrive, causing pain and chronic illness. Like the receptors that regulate fear and anxiety, there are receptors in your immune system that regulate inflammation. CBD binds to these receptors causing a significant decrease in inflammation.

However, what you may not realize is that marijuana contains two compounds: THC (its psychoactive component that gives you the “high”) and CBD (the non-psychoactive component.)

Cortisol is the hormone your body secretes when you’re stressed. It’s not bad in and of itself; in fact, it’s there to help you.

6. Increased Deep Sleep

CBD can significantly lower cortisol levels, improving your mood, sleep, blood pressure, and even helping with weight loss.

When they’re harvested, the extract is then purified even further to create the CBD product. CBD is a cannabinoid that binds to receptors in your brain (all cannabinoids can bind to those receptors), causing the health benefits that so many people love. It also isn’t associated with some of the side effects of the THC found in marijuana.

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury.

4. Decrease Inflammation

Due to the increasing opioid crisis in America, researchers struggle to find ways to alleviate pain while also avoiding compounds that are habit-forming and harmful.

CBD is 100 percent legal in all of the US and, while many people still confuse the two, it’s important to note the difference. CBD is not psychoactive. In fact, it can actually be quite beneficial for your health. As it becomes increasingly popular, more and more people are turning to the plant-based oil to find relief from aches, pains, and more.