cbd cortisol reddit

Cbd cortisol reddit

l've only been using weed for a few months. Long, long, super fucking long story short. l have adrenal insufficiency (chronically high cortisol problems) and hypothyroidism (not enough thyroid hormone). Only remaining major symptom is ever-present fatigue.

l've been using Eaze for a few months now so l've had plenty of THC, but l'm curious if CBD can help me. After years of trying to find the root cause and being scared out of my wits, l recently managed to nail it down (l hope) and am now feeling better than l have in years. although by a healthy person's standards, still not that good.

Cbd cortisol reddit

Has anyone tried using CBD consistently to help lower stress/Cortisol levels and lower blood sugar? Like a dose before bed? I’ve been doing some research on this and I’d love to hear any experiences anyone has had.

Hi there, I have PCOS and have worked in the cannabis industry for 7 years now. I cannot stress enough effectively CBD has helped manage my symptoms or just how much of a believer I am in it. Something I want to stress as someone who works in the industry ( I do not work with flower, just cannabis accessories), do not buy 'CBD' anywhere unless you see lab results indicating it's been tested. 99% of CBD you see for sale is just industrial hemp oil. It literally has no CBD and the FDA is not required for companies to publish or verify their test results. Get whole plant CBD from verified producers such as Lazurus Naturals or the Stanley Brother's CW Botanicals. I promise it will make a huge difference, you can buy both of their products online. I'm not affiliated with either but have taken great pains to verify a good supplier of CBD and can assure you that they're both genuine companies.

Another tidbit, there is a occurrence that happens when you mix CBD with just a bit of THC and its called the entourage effect, it becomes a new compound that amplifies healing. I know some people only want CBD but just a tiny bit of THC will really work magic. For more about this read here:Why whole plant CBD matters

Cbd cortisol reddit

I don't know if anyone said this, but CBD derived from hemp is not as useful as CBD that's been derived from marijuana

I haven’t used CBD oil for the purposes you’re posting about, but I wanted to mention the cbd distillery as a great source for quality products that don’t contain THC (specifically their tinctures and isolate powders).

Also, you said you were very quiet when you used cannabis regularly. Have you tried messing around with different strains? Maybe a sativa would make you more outgoing? I get what I call a “social hangover” with weed from time to time as well.

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CBDistillery is my go to. Great price and potent. I use 100 mg seems to help with inflammation and mood but it's not really a proworkout sup.