cbd combined with thc

Cbd combined with thc

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Now let me add yet another complication to our growing list of complications: THC and CBD are far from alone in the cannabis plant when it comes to medicinal properties. Those two might be anti-inflammatory, for instance, “but if you were to vaporize a whole flower, you'd be consuming potentially a couple dozen anti-inflammatory molecules at once,” says Wilson-Poe. “In this sense I think of whole-plant cannabis as like a multivitamin for inflammation.” (Because there are so many important compounds at play, some researchers prefer the term ensemble effect over entourage effect. “Entourage” makes it sound like everything is supporting the rock star that is THC, when the reality might be more nuanced.)

It all comes back to the psychoactive CB1 receptor. THC is an agonist that fits nicely into CB1, activating it. “CBD can't do that at the CB1, but it does sort of sit in the pocket,” says Wilson-Poe. “It can compete with THC for the spot in the receptor.” Which means that if you take CBD with THC, there may be fewer receptors available for the THC to activate, thus modulating the psychoactive effects, like paranoia.

CBD is currently under research for a host of different medical conditions. For example, the cannabinoid has demonstrated powerful antipsychotic properties in human trials of treatment-resistant schizophrenia.

In all, the sum of the two is greater than either part.

Why you should add a little THC to your CBD

CBD is a therapeutic cannabinoid that does not cause the psychoactive “high” often associated with the herb.

Further evidence suggests that combining CBD and THC can improve the pain-fighting properties of the compounds.

The benefits of whole plant medicine

The cannabinoid is especially promising in pediatric medicine, where CBD shows potential as a safe anti-epileptic drug without psychotropic effects. The ability to access CBD-only supplements and high-CBD strains is a major breakthrough for patients, wellness consumers, and cannabis industry professionals alike.