cbd cold brew

Cbd cold brew

This is also flexible and will change depending on who you ask. Since we are extracting the color, taste, and caffeine with cold water, steeping is a longer process.

As a general rule of thumb, the longer you steep it, the more caffeine you will be extracting.

If you never made cold brew coffee before, its a lot easier than you think and you can use your favorite coffee roast.

Cold Brew Coffee Ratio (1:1)

“Its euphoric – the caffeine from the cold brew has me wide awake while the CBD gives me a sense of mental calmness, clarity, and focus. It’s the perfect functional-chill.” – Ethan B. on adding CBD to his coffee.

MixMe works with hundreds of coffee shops to help them add fast acting, water soluble CBD to drinks and you can do the exact same thing at home with their Pump Bottles, Single Servings, or Tinctures.

Steeping Time

Less acidic – If regular coffee or espresso upsets your stomach, cold brew might be the solution for you. Most cold brew is about 67% less acidic coffee which will make it easier to drink for those with more sensitive digestive tracts.

Some recommend leaving it “overnight/12-hours” while other recommend “at least 18 or up to 24 hours” which is why we say do whatever works best for you. For reference, Starbucks steeps their cold brew for 20 hours.

Cbd cold brew

Yes! Our coffee is sourced from small-batch organic farms in Colombia. We use a blend for cold brew that is pulled from these farms’ top lots and our farmers are paid a premium for their delicious, chocolatey coffee. The hemp we use is 100% American grown and pesticide-free. It is processed in a lab in Colorado to be isolated carefully and fully stripped of all unwanted ingredients, like THC.


No. You will never get “high” from CBD. Unlike THC, the primary substance in marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive. Our CBD is derived from American-grown hemp, not marijuana. You won’t even feel so much as fuzzy from our products. Just clear, steady energy.

"Jibby" is inspired by the jib sail—the front-most sail of a sailboat, which has the crucial role of keeping the sailboat steady and on course. We thought that was fitting.

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Cbd cold brew

I’m definitely more up to taking on work tasks, but I’m also calm and leveled out during the workday. I attempt to batch my work, something also very new to me, and I get a lot accomplished.

I’ve definitely become more alert, and make use of my day planner. I feel more energized throughout the day, but without my usual jitters. I’m not as anxious throughout the day, and work straight through the afternoon. I’ve also cut back on my consumption. I’m down to one to two glasses of coffee a day.

The first day, I didn’t notice a huge difference, but I did notice that the afternoon slump never hit me like it usually does. I’d say that’s progress considering I’d usually take a power nap, but all three days, I kept working on through the day.

THC is the compound in cannabis that gets you high, CBD on the other hand, doesn’t, but still allows you the benefits of cannabis without the high feeling. I gave my usual cold brew a break, and opted for trying Good Day’s CBD Cold Brew Coffee instead. This was my only source of coffee for the week!

Day 5 – 6

I’m consuming one can of the CBD Cold Brew Coffee a day, and I’m very leveled out. I start with half the can in the morning with my regular creamer, and then the rest of the can in the afternoon poured over ice. This is definitely the perfect amount of CBD coffee for me. I’m totally chill and leveled out, but still productive throughout the workday.

I think it’s important to mention that health and wellness are very personal, and everyone has very different experiences. As a long-time coffee lover and anxiety sufferer, my coffee habit has been habitual but frowned upon. When I heard that CBD coffee was becoming a thing, I knew that I needed to try it for myself.

I didn’t expect miracles, but I did expect to feel some kind of difference at the start of this. I continue consuming my usual amount of coffee two to three glasses a day. But the can is full of a rich amount that one can tend to last the rest of the day. Sorry, I’m one of those people that fill my coffee with half creamer!

Day 4

OK, I’m sold on this CBD coffee train, but I do have to admit that the dosage is different for everyone. I had my boyfriend try it as well, but his experiment turned him sluggish throughout his day, and he gave up after just the first can. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I like to do anything and everything to try and chill out during the workday. CBD coffee can be quite pricey, so I no longer drink it every day. But about once a week, I like to treat myself to a calming yet energizing can.