cbd cold brew nyc

Cbd cold brew nyc

CBD lattes are having a moment while the debate on whether it’s is a healing elixir or placebo continues. Below, where to sip them in New York City. Photo courtesy of Sträva

Sträva Craft Coffee
Colorado based Sträva Craft Coffee sells CBD-infused coffee beans that they’ll ship directly to your door. You can choose from four different coffees, each with different amounts of CBD. Both my husband and my sister’s boyfriend said their Elevate coffee was the best coffee they ever had.

Jane West’s Flwr Shop
Edible Manhattan
’s Brian Halweil is obsessed with the enhanced java from Jane West, which came highly recommended by Anna Duckworth and the staff at Miss Grass.

Grass Roots Juicery offers homemade pressed juices, smoothies, and other healthy treats, along with a delicious CBD recipe that is sure to satisfy any health-conscious individual. Chill out and indulge at this local spot with unique classics such as the famous CBD Golden Milk Latte. Grass Roots Juicery also has a curated selection of wellness products, naturally including CBD options as well, to add to your collection.

CAP Beauty is a wellness conscious beauty supply store that prioritizes CBD infused products. If you are curious about incorporating CBD into your beauty or health routine, visit this shop and get info from the well-informed staff to find the product right for you.

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Bubby’s is an extremely popular restaurant chain, known for authentic American comfort food, that has just recently introduced CBD infused sweeteners to complement their beverage list. While New Yorkers are no stranger to a boozy brunch, stop by Bubby’s for some CBD infused lemonade or coffee along with your pancakes in the *late* morning for a truly unforgettable breakfast experience.

Chilhouse is the ultimate stop for anyone who loves CBD and self-care- because the two are the perfect match. This is the place for vitamins, makeup, cozy clothes, and essentially a variety of health products infused with the natural calming elements of CBD. If you are a fan of CBD, check out this location to add more CBD infused products to your everyday routine.

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Along Oliver Street, you can find this unique spot which also offers an array of specialty drinks with the option to be infused with CBD. There is an emphasis on quality at Oliver Coffee, and you can be sure that your favorite coffee drink will taste amazing, along with the careful effort put in to ensure that the CBD flavor only improves the experience.

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