cbd cocktail recipe

But, why, exactly, is this a thing? CBD doesn’t produce the psychoactive side effects associated with THC, and instead works to relax and lower your inhibitions. kind of like alcohol.

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By Leah Melby Clinton , Mike Garten published 16 April 19


Tropical, made-for-vacation drinks get you feeling even more relaxed with CBD.

Are you CBD-curious? Making your own CBD cocktails is a fun, easy way to experiment with cannabis’ most famous nonintoxicating compound. Nowadays, grocery stores like Portland, Ore.’s New Seasons even carry CBD products, so you don’t have to venture into a dispensary. And the best part? You can play with alcoholic and nonalcoholic versions of drinks.

There are many ways to incorporate CBD into your drink. One way is to create your own CBD simple syrup. Other popular methods include floating CBD oil on top of your cocktail or using premade CBD tonics to whip drinks up with. These are three recipes representing three different ways to infuse CBD into your drink.