cbd cat spray

Cbd cat spray

Also, it’s worth nothing that while CBD oil is typically quite safe for cats and dogs, cannabis plants are not. “There is plenty of documentation of marijuana toxicity in cats, for those that nibble on the plants,” Guess says.

As cat owners look for ways to keep their kitties happy and healthy, they’re starting to explore alternative treatments not previously considered by Western medicine. Among these alternative treatments is cannabis oil.

“For example, there’s a bill being brought to the California State Legislature to debate the use of medical cannabis for animals and veterinarian involvement,” he says. “There’s a very robust conversation going on right now about it whether or not veterinarians should be able to discuss and recommend cannabis for their patients, and, if so, exactly what that looks like.”

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Cannabis plants contain more than 100 active compounds, but the one most often used for medicinal purposes is cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD differs from cannabis’s major active compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in that it does not have a psychoactive affect, meaning it will not get users “high.” CBD oils contain a high concentration of CBD and can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Inman adds that as an ER veterinarian, he often sees marijuana toxicity in the animals that come into his practice. “You can usually tell if a pet has gotten into someone’s marijuana. And, in more severe instances, I have had to hospitalize animals until the affects have worn off.”

“There are not many classical medical studies that explore the effects of CBD oil in cats,” says Dr. Daniel Inman, a veterinarian at Burlington Emergency Veterinary Specialists in Williston, Vermont. “While we don’t recommend CBD oil for our patients, holistic veterinarians are using it to treat a variety of ailments, including inflammation, anxiety and pain.”

What Is CBD Oil?

“I have heard that, in humans, marijuana products can be used for neuropathic pain, intractable seizures, anxiety, and appetite stimulation. I have plenty of medications in each of those categories [that are not cannabis] that have been safely used in cats for years that I am very comfortable using and understand well,” she says. “These medications have gone through rigorous studies and are approved by the FDA. Why would I want to use a poorly understood treatment that I can’t guarantee is safe or even effective?”

Regardless of how well CBD products work for cats, there is also the issue of legality. If a cannabis product contains less than 0.3 percent THC, it’s classified as “hemp,” which is not a restricted substance. Most, if not all, CBD oil fits this description. The bigger issue is discussing this course of treatment with your veterinarian.

Cbd cat spray

Pets are family. BARKSY was founded on that principle, as well as the idea that our beloved dogs and cats can and should benefit from the same treatments as parents and children.

We love our pets like children, and we’ll always look for new options and alternatives in preserving their good health. BARKSY’s CBD spray for cats and dogs is our contribution to the ongoing search for those solutions.

All of our products are directly sourced from a Colorado farm and come in quantities of 250 milligrams. While federal standards for certifying CBD products are still in flux, we don’t risk the safety of our products: Each BARKSY formula is submitted for rigorous testing by independent organizations. We believe our responsibility to pets and their owners requires us to take that extra step to ensure our products' safety.

CBD spray for cats and dogs has quite a few distinct advantages over other delivery methods, from ease of use and adequate dosage to its interaction with your pet’s chemistry and other meds.

CBD treatment for your pets—made simple

Our calming CBD spray for dogs and cats is safe, expedient and potent, can improve your pet’s behavior, and bring them enduring relief and comfort.

When your pet suffers from stressful situations, you want to provide fast relief, and you need a product that helps you to do that. Through independent testing, BARKSY developed the solution you need.

There aren’t many medications that work with the same effectiveness in pets as with humans, but CBD may be the exception to the rule.

Made in the USA

BARKSY is the simple, natural way to improve your pet’s life. It’s a new breed of CBD.

BARKSY sprays can assist in easing your pet's discomfort and pain brought on by several health problems, including joint pain, stress, digestion, allergies, or other chronic conditions. BARKSY’s lineup of CBD tincture sprays for pets can be of great help in alleviating some of their more unpleasant symptoms and effects.