cbd brothers capsules

Cbd brothers capsules

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The Original Alternative: Full Review

The trouble with the CBD market today is the relative lack of regulation. It is possible for practically any firm to create oil (or other CBD products), and claim it is pure cannabidiol. Thus, we always advise you to only deal with companies that have a significant online presence such as CBD Brothers. Its Facebook page alone has over 40,000 likes, and while this is no indicator of quality, at least it spells out the fact that CBD Brothers is likely to be a reputable organization.

The Original Alternative: Who Are They… And Are They the Same as CBD Brothers?

The Original Alternative, aka CBD Brothers, is a seller of premium quality CBD products in the UK (though their official address is in Spain). Their hemp is grown using an organic process on farms across Europe, and while its indica strain is grown indoors, it has three other strains grown outdoors in the full force of natural sunlight. Every plant is hand-picked at the optimum harvesting time and hung out to cure and dry to perfection.

Cbd brothers capsules

The full-spectrum capsules contain the following cannabinoids: CBD, CBDV, CBD-A, CBG, THC and CBC. You can find the full breakdown in the blue edition 100mg capsule lab report.

This particular strain is grown at an outdoor European facility and the blue edition capsules are manufactured at CBD Brothers’ specially built laboratory in Suffolk, England.


You wouldn’t expect two red wines with the same alcohol content to be the same, and this goes for CBD too.

It is worth to mention that these Blue Edition capsules are significantly higher in CBD concentration than the Purple Edition CBD Brothers capsules, to the tune of around 55%. The fact that they are slighly cheaper too makes the blue edition capsules probably the better value choice.

Lab Reports and Testing

While it’s difficult to determine which edition will work best for you without trying them all, it’s safe to say that CBD Brothers has come up with another excellent value product that you’ll find difficult to beat.