cbd brand marketing

Cbd brand marketing

Regardless of the recent growth in popularity, CBD has been pierced with confusion right at the beginning. Progressively, an increasing number of people know what cannabidiol is.

Most consumers don’t know that cannabidiol is an entirely effective, safe, and legal option for other medications. There’s still a stigma linked with cannabis oil because of its connection to hemp and marijuana, which you can utilize for recreational purposes. That’s why a doubt towards welcoming CBD products continues.

Influencer marketing enables cannabidiol brands to go around advertising limitations in place on well-known platforms such as Instagram or Facebook by clicking into the organic following the right influencers on every platform.

Effective Strategies to Advertise Your CBD Brand Online

These are just some of the important questions that you should consider before developing your brand and developing your marketing strategy for your CBD brand. For instance, if you decide to promote the vaping arthritis sufferers and vaping community, how will you connect both lines?

Podcast advertisements are not generally used as part of a digital technique. Still, they are being utilized by cannabis businesses to increase brand awareness, considering other ad limitations now in place.

• Display Advertising

It’s necessary to situate your brand in a way that correlates well with your target buyers. Create your brand and products to complement your personalities, solve their problems, and fulfill their preferences.

CBD products have become a kind of cure-all, making it more challenging for any brand to get into the market to know precisely where you should position it.

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Cbd brand marketing

The addition of three new flavors in May 2020 (Black Cherry, Blood Orange, and Coconut Lime) are providing more flavor personalities for the company’s fans to interact with. Its recent launch of a Realitywear line of comfortable t-shirts and sweatshirts allows the company to offer both physical and digital experiences. They’ve injected fashion into the company’s marketing which encourages their biggest fans to spread the “calm, cool, collected” message.

The CBD Movement Podcast features in-house experts Emily Loss (Manager of Influencer Relations and Sponsored Athletes) and Majid Boroujerdi (Vice President of Brand and Consumer Insights) who interview scientists, cultivators, government officials, and CBD pioneers. This presents another way for CBDistillery to educate listeners and create brand loyalty.

Despite the lifting of shelter-in-place orders, a resurgence of COVID-19 combined with continuing worries of contracting the coronavirus has kept many consumers at home. While the coronavirus pandemic has reduced consumer store visits and limited live sports and other in-person events, CBD companies have risen to the challenge of marketing during a pandemic by leveraging digital advertising platforms like social media, podcasts, affiliate networks, and other partnerships.

It is crucial for CBD companies to prioritize initiatives that reach consumers where they are spending their time. With almost 38% of CBD market sales forecasted to take place online in 2021, e-commerce is poised to continue being the largest channel for CBD purchases.

Instagram and influencer marketing

In its earnings call on August 12, 2020, the company stated that the podcast vertical led to a 45% uptick in revenue in the quarter ended June 30, 2020 as data allowed them to identify the podcasts that drive web traffic and e-commerce conversion. For cbdMD, popular sports commentator and comedian Joe Rogan is able to reach men who are interested in sports and are likely to use topical CBD products for post-exercise relief.

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Pre-COVID, we saw CBD companies had been using a wide variety of marketing vehicles including athlete ambassadors, influencers, event marketing, educational workshops, billboards, alongside digital ad campaigns. Following the outbreak, CBD companies were forced to shift to online marketing initiatives completely.

Charlotte’s Web pioneered hemp-derived CBD in the US and has become the number one CBD brand through word-of-mouth and social media as its core group of passionate advocates helped spread the story of Charlotte Figi and others who have benefited from CBD.

How CBD brands are leveraging digital marketing during COVID-19

The company’s co-founders Ari Sherman and Jourdan Samuel are featured in filmmaker Josh Hyde’s new documentary “American Hemp”, released in August, 2019 on Amazon Prime and other major streaming outlets. Hyde shows the challenges faced by the hemp industry as he follows farmers, Sherman and Samuel, and state regulators through one year in the Colorado hemp industry. In the film, Evo Hemp partners with Alex White Plume of the Oglala Lakota Tribe to create the first Native American hemp products in the US.

The company also introduced a rebrand for CBDistillery in May 2020. They brought an updated design to the brand website and introduced new consumer-friendly packaging to provide better education about the benefits of CBD.