cbd blood pressure reddit

Cbd blood pressure reddit

Yesterday, news hit over a very tentative study (in a field that's difficult to study given federal status) claiming that marijuana led to significant increases in blood pressure. I've become hypertensive after a lifetime of low blood pressure after using CBD for eight months. That's n=1 I know, but I was wondering what your thoughts were about the study or about your experiences.

There are multiple angles to this:

There are a lot of co-factors in play, too. Did they take into account the varying diets of the participants playing into their overall cardiovascular health? (i.e did they find 1200 taco-bell gorging stoners, or did they find 1200 health-nut cannabis users, or a mix of everything in between?)

Cbd blood pressure reddit

So my mom has high blood pressure and she gets aches in her knee and it sometimes gets swollen. She has gone to the doctor several times and recently they up'ed the dosage on her high blood pressure medicine. Is CBD helpful for people with high blood pressure?

Hey OP just took my BP. Before CBD: Left Arm (147/98) Right Arm (148/94) After CBD (30 min): Left Arm (125/82) Right Arm (136/93)

I was astonished at how low it dropped so I took my bp again 2 minutes after. Left arm (130/86) Right Arm (130/93).