cbd before tattoo reddit

Cbd before tattoo reddit

I’m not sure if the cream helped too much with the pain, but I can say my skin was far less inflamed than it usually is after a tattoo. I have a tendency to swell up quite a bit, but this time my was skin was noticeably less puffy and not as warm to the touch as it normally would be.

Even though I’m a freak who sort of enjoys the tattoo experience, I’m not naive, and I still get a little nervous going in. The meditative nature of being tattooed is valuable, but you have to go through a lot of pain to achieve it, and that isn’t a lot of fun. My fiancee Melissa is the same way, and we both tend to get pretty tense as we walk up to the door of our tattoo studio.

This is where our experiment began. We decided that Melissa would take CBD before the tattooing began, and I would focus more on taking it after. Very scientific, I know.

My turn…

I can definitely say that CBD made our tattoo experience much better. If you are at all worried about pain, or if tattoos make you anxious, then definitely give CBD a try.

Already, Melissa noticed a difference. “This is the most calm I have ever been going into a tattoo,” she said. “Usually I’m stressed out while I’m waiting to start, but I almost feel like I could take a nap right now if I wanted to. This is way better than I normally am.”

CBD can help you relax before your tattoo

Once Melissa was done, it was my turn to step up to the chair. My plan was to take CBD after the tattoo, so I didn’t have the same calming benefits that Melissa had going in. However, once the tattooing began, I saw that my tattoo artist Dan Smith (check out his shop, Captured Tattoo, if you are in Southern California!) actually uses a CBD cream by Hustle Butter during the tattoo process. According to Dan, the CBD cream helps “calm down the skin” and generally makes the tattoo process easier.

All in all, I was VERY impressed with how CBD helped the entire tattooing adventure from beginning to end. CBD helped relieve the pre-tattoo jitters, it made getting the tattoo itself far more comfortable and way less painful, and it really did seem to speed up tattoo healing time.

Cbd before tattoo reddit

Most tattooers won’t tattoo you if you’re under the influence of anything.

How was your experience? Was it Indica, Sativa or a Hybrid?

Any tips, etc really help. Thanks Reddit fam!

Just get the tattoo sober. It won’t kill you. A good tattoo artist won’t tattoo someone who is high. I think it’s illegal to do that in the US.

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I have done 30mg of edibles and hit a high thc cartridge before/during a tattoo. I don't recommend it. I was more sensitive to the pain. I've been tattoos multiple times since completely sober. Much better, imo.