cbd barber wynyard

Sydney Barbers is the most trusted Barber Shop in Sydney. For some, their hair can simply be a nuisance that they need to maintain and clean up. But we feel that hair can be far more than that. Hair can shape the way that others see you. A new hairstyle can come across as bold, exciting, innovative. It can make people feel beautiful or strong. It can be an expression of taste and mood! Whether you’re looking for a simple cut or have a specific style in mind, we can make anything happen when it comes to your hair.

Cbd barber wynyard

Tossing up between:

Men's Biz (In the Strand) – Looks classy as. They also have a wide range of pomades which hopefully I can test out post-cut. Can't find much reviews on here.

Price wise, I think anything beyond $50 is extravagant, given my hair is super straight and stiff, meaning my sides/fades lose its definition within 3-4 weeks max.

In terms of style, I'm looking for a faded pompadour, just side swept enough to get the clean lines on the sides. Maybe even razor faded if I feel adventurous. By no means a rare hairstyle, but want someone with good scissor skills for the top and buzzing skills for the sides.

I know there are countless haircut threads but I'm hoping for people who have tried some of the places to give me some feedback.

Culture Kings – They have some sick cuts on Instagram but the blaring music is such a put off. Especially walking in suited up in the middle of a work day feels like I'm sticking out like a sore thumb.

Clarence Street Barber – Heard good things, but their website leaves something to be desired. Are they affiliated to the Uppercut line of products in any way? Love their pomades.