cbd bakery

Items made at Sweetly Baked are dosed at 10 milligrams of CBD each (Buhrman doesn’t bake cakes because dosage could vary with the sizes of cake slices).

She’ll take larger orders at sweetlybaked.com. Macarons, for example, are sold online in packs of six, $20 for CBD infused and about $25 for delta 8. “I’m looking for it to be a giftable experience,” Buhrman said.

“I really want to lean into that small batch, more gourmet, handcrafted, nicer product,” she said, adding, “I kind of see it as an opportunity and a hole in the market.”

When the VISIT Milwaukee office where she worked as a digital marketing director reopened this year, Buhrman decided to turn her hobby into her career.

It also will sell from a window once or twice a week; the first day for that will be Sept. 8 on the lower level of 770 N. Jefferson St., where the bakery’s shared commercial kitchen is. The owner is holding off on opening a storefront because of the pandemic, which has slowed traffic downtown.

Purchases of single items and specials such as chocolate peanut butter cups will be through the window.

The bakery’s items include either CBD or delta 8, considered a stronger form of CBD; both are derived from hemp rather than marijuana plants.

Cbd bakery

Ms. Glenn recognized the problem that CBD oils aren’t regulated across the country, and therefore, have a wide range of quality issues. To combat that, Glenn Family Bakery has taken on the role of consumer educator.

“Today, diverse cannabinoid products are storming into the vanguard of contemporary health and wellness culture,” said Melissa Abbott, vice president of Hartman Retainer Services at The Hartman Group. “There is a real opportunity here for a brand or brands to emerge that provide a consistent set of language, labeling and efficacy measures that the consumer can understand.”

“There is a real opportunity here for a brand or brands to emerge that provide a consistent set of language, labeling and efficacy measures that the consumer can understand.” – Melissa Abbott, The Hartman Group

KANSAS CITY — CBD might have a powerful role to play as consumers look to foods for wellness during the pandemic. In March, a Brightfield Group’s survey found that 39% of CBD users said they plan to use it more frequently in the months ahead. Of that group, 48% said they had already stocked up or planned to stock up on CBD.

“Because they’re not national chains, they’re willing to stock not just topicals and tinctures and capsules but CBD drinks and products like CBD brownies, CBD popcorn and more,” Ms. Lee said.

This piquing interest in CBD products comes after record-setting innovation in 2019. New products sprung up in markets around the country, both at restaurants, online and at CBD retailers.

Glenn Family Bakery, Sarasota, Fla., is a licensed company that sells CBD baked goods through www.CBDBakesSweets.com. It sells its branded products to CBD stores, farmers markets and coffee shops in Florida and distributes them to Connecticut, Colorado and Indiana. The bakery also makes private label products as a wholesale alternative. Transparency is key in everything the company does.

The certification documents the tested quality of the CBD and proves it came from a reliable supplier. For the bakery, taste is also paramount.

While the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in food is not approved at the federal level, Florida is one of several states to legalize CBD in food. To sell or manufacture CBD foods, companies must be licensed with the state.

Cbd bakery

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“I wanted a way to integrate the benefits of CBD into a fun play on edibles, creating something that still tastes good yet provides all the health and human benefits of CBD,” she says. Bakery was her answer. Through Purple Reign, the CBD bakery she started with her business partner, Martez Cunningham, she offers grab-and-go and custom-made CBD-infused cupcakes, brownies, crispy rice treats, cheesecakes and more.

Courtesy of Purple Reign Bakery

Sheila Julson

Courtesy of Purple Reign Bakery

After tearing an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), local baker Serenity Ramirez turned to cannabidiol (CBD) cream for pain relief. She was able to avoid surgery, and since then, she’s been on a journey to educate herself and others about CBD. She also tried tinctures but found the taste and texture unpleasant, which led her to edibles. She also discovered that CBD consumed in edible form, while not as fast-acting, is longer-lasting and stays in the bloodstream longer.

Purple Reign’s additional CBD items include a cold and flu kit, which consists of CBD-infused elderberry tea, CBD-infused lip balm and CBD and honey cough drops. Ramirez notes that there’s been an increased demand for the kits during the COVID pandemic. They also have CBD teas, creams, muscle recovery products, protein bars and water-soluble CBD that athletes can mix into their water. They also have traditional flower in different strands. Ramirez says they make some items themselves and partner with suppliers to white-label Purple Reign products.

Purple Reign’s motto is “a healthy high,” where one can experience a body high while feeling good. Ramirez strives to provide hemp education and break stigmas about cannabis. “A lot of people associate cannabis with the stoners you see in movies, but there’s a lot of benefits to this plant—it’s high in protein and fiber, and the plant is versatile,” she says, adding that she hopes Wisconsin pushes toward legalization of medical cannabis.

Popular items include their pink lemonade cupcake, which is a strawberry cake with whipped lemon frosting. Their fudgy brownies move quickly, as does the Oreo cheesecake, a traditional cheesecake with an Oreo cookie crust. In addition, they offer cookies with flavors such as chocolate chip or pink red velvet, as well as fancifully decorated cupcakes and different flavors of cheesecake. To get the CBD into the product, Ramirez says she infuses CBD flower into the butter or coconut oil. The coconut oil allows her to make vegan desserts, and she also makes gluten-free bakery.