cbd animal treats

New and improved for 2021, these Soft Baked Chews are based on Kat’s best selling original recipe from her home kitchen in Maine.

Powered by the best premium NASC certified US-grown hemp extract (with naturally occurring CBD), these award-winning bites are now softer and easier to portion.

Simple, purposeful, ingredients include superstar botanical ingredients like optimized Turmeric extract for a serious antioxidant boost.

Cbd animal treats

They only come in one serving size, though, so you may have to break them up if you have a smaller dog. Also, the great taste means you’ll need to hide them, because your dog could easily tear through an entire bag if left unattended.

CBD oil is a relatively new product for many people, and they may not know the best way to serve it to their dogs — even if it comes in premade treat form.

7. Petly CBD Hemp Chews for Dogs

No. The compound that causes the psychoactive effects in marijuana is called THC, and while it exists in hemp as well, it’s found in miniscule amounts (around 0.3%).

You should think of them as medicine that your dog enjoys. You wouldn’t feed your pup as much prescription medication as they want, no matter how much they enjoy it; it’s the same way with these treats.

Are CBD Oil Treats Legal?

All of the other ingredients are non-GMO and pesticide-free, so these treats are as healthy as you can reasonably expect them to be.