cbd and wellbutrin reddit

Cbd and wellbutrin reddit

That's great that you've already discussed combining both with your doctor since CBD can pose potential drug interactions. Similar to grapefruit, CBD temporarily deactivates the cytochrome p450 system which is responsible for metabolizing the majority of pharmaceuticals. When taking CBD with medication, it runs the possibility of your body not breaking down your medication at the same rate, meaning the medication will last longer in your system and impacts the dosage.

Hey CBD fam. Looking for input from people who take Lamictal and/or Wellbutrin. I take CBD for my anxiety and it helps me tremendously, but I’m curious if there’s any long term or negative side effects to combining these substances? I’ve had no issues so far and my doc isn’t concerned about it. Just want to know if any else has any experience with combining meds and CBD/Hemp products!

*I take Lamictal and Wellbutrin for my Bipolar Disorder

With anxiety medication, there are no known long-term, adverse side effects when combing with CBD but there have been many anecdotal accounts that taking the two together can exacerbate the existing side effects of the prescription medication. Some individuals find therapeutic value when utilizing both in a comprehensive treatment plan with others eventually transition from prescription to only CBD. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to do it under the guidance of your doctor and find what works best for your situation!

Cbd and wellbutrin reddit

-Made my very best effort to stretch every day for a minimum of 10 minutes. -Ensured I had enough food to eat at the beginning of the day especially, even if I wasn’t hungry. -Told people. I just let them know “Hey I’m depressed and adjusting to a new medication. Sorry I’m not more available right now!” -Made my very best effort to get enough sleep -Continued seeing my therapist weekly and explored other supports(psychiatrist for med management vs. primary doc, dietician)

I think I am going to be okay.

Well…I think it’s working! I still have these moments of deep sadness but they’re not paralyzing anymore. And the world is fucking sad. So it makes sense. Everyone has their own challenges to begin with then the pandemic…well I just think there’s a lot of reasons to be sad and angry. But like I said, it isn’t debilitating anymore!

3 weeks ago I was starting to feel some relief, I was having some really good days. There were still more bad days but I asked my doctor to increase my dose. I figured, I better just get through this and see if it’s going to work. I also added the CBG/CBD blend to help with chronic pain and in hopes it would soothe some of my anxiety.

It’s been exactly 8 weeks today since I started Wellbutrin and one week on a CBG/CBD blend.

Here’s some other things I’ve been doing to help me in this journey:

It’s been a heck of a ride, I had many panic attacks coming off of my Zoloft, and week after week of depression, irritability, mood swings, crying spells, anger, etc. on just the Wellbutrin 150mg.

TLDR: For a very long time, even before this med switch, I didn’t think I was going to be okay. Now there is some hope! If you can give it 8 weeks, stick with it. Be kind to yourself throughout this process.