cbd and cancer reddit

Cbd and cancer reddit

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the Cannabis genus of plants. Cannabigerol is found in higher concentrations in hemp rather than in varieties of Cannabis cultivated for high THC content and their corresponding psychoactive properties.[citation needed]

There's some research showing that CBD is more effective when combined with other cannabinoids. If you live in a medicinal state go get yourself a prescription. Grind up a tiny bit of weed and put it in some yoghurt or anything you can eat cold. Even if it doesn't work you'll spend your days stress-free, which is probably just as beneficial as any medication you can take.

Unless you are taking a pure Cannabidiol (CBD) then you are likely getting some CBG, as well as varying amounts of the many other cannabinoids.

Plus it's legal in all 50 states, you can buy the stuff on Amazon.

If you have it in its purified form (i.e. no THC) it's pretty normal other than a numbing feeling. It does help with inflammation, it'll bring down a fever for example. The most noticeable thing for anxious people like myself is that it's a muscle relaxant so I end up less stiff and feeling relaxed overall.

CBD is different than CBG.

CBD's great for pain relief, but the linked study specifically mentions CBG.

As a scientifically educated person suffering from stage 4 kidney cancer, married to a New Age hippie, I've begrudgingly decided to take her advice and start taking CBD. This is one argument with her I may actually be happy to lose.

What is there to lose in this situation? Worst case scenario you get hungry, happy and sleepy.

Cbd and cancer reddit

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