cbd and black pepper

It’s no secret that hemp is nature’s greatest source of CBD.

Black Pepper

But CBD’s not the only cannabinoid out there. and in fact, hemp isn’t CBD’s only host plant.

Dark Chocolate

Interesting in taking the dietary approach? If so, below are some foods for you. And you can always take things a step further and tastefully infuse CBD oil products into your diet, of course!

Phytonutrients possess many natural properties which have a positive effect on the body. They allow for a general improvement in one’s condition, both mental and physical. It is more and more willingly used as a versatile drug complementing other treatments. Products based on cannabinoids are a valuable supplement to a daily balanced diet. Phytochemicals are one of the best researched ingredients of hemp, while knowledge and awareness concerning this topic is growing continually. It has been attributed with a large number of health properties, including as follows:

1% hemp oil is characterised by a relatively low concentration of phytonutrients, thanks to which it is perfectly suited to those who are starting out on their adventure with this kind of product. One very important aspect is the fact that it is especially mild on the body, particularly on the digestive system. It is perfectly suited to those who value a healthy lifestyle and are looking for natural ways to support their body. As it does not contain any products of animal origin, the oil may be used by vegans and vegetarians.

1% Hemp Oil with Black Pepper and Turmeric

1% hemp oil is characterised by the highest quality, thanks to which its use is completely safe for everyone’s body. It is not a psychoactive substance. This means that while using the oil, the negative effects which THC produces, such as memory problems, disturbance of concentration, anxiety, and hallucinations, cannot occur.
1% hemp oil is an entirely legal product. It had successfully gone through many tests, including those conducted by external laboratories. It possesses all required seals of approval and certificates. Thanks to this, you may be sure that you receive a product that is 100% safe.

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The black pepper and turmeric contained in the oil are characterised by the highest quality. Apart from improving the oil’s taste qualities, they have a positive impact on the body in the following ways:

Who is 1% hemp oil aimed at?

1% hemp oil is a completely new product created for those looking for a mild but, at the same time, effective product. It contains 100 mg of high-quality phytochemicals, as well as full spectrum of other phytonutrients, terpenoids and flavonoids. One drop of oil delivers 0.5 mg phytonutrients. It’s enough just to place it under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow it. Thanks to added turmeric and black pepper, the oil has a spicy taste, the use of which makes the experience more pleasant.
The oil is a product of 100 % natural origin. It neither contains pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, nor other impurities. The hemp we use comes from eco-friendly cultivation while the oil production process itself is overseen by a range of the best specialists. A new method of supercritical CO2 extraction has been secured, thanks to which every drop of the product is characterised by perfect purity while, at the same time, containing the precious cannabinoids. Indeed, the oil fulfils all the essential quality requirements.