cbd and alcohol reddit

Cbd and alcohol reddit

I’m curious what the impact is drinking alcohol while taking CBD. Specifically i have ac/dc which i either vape or make into an edible(1 or 2 grams). How would i be impacted if i drank a beer(generally only drink 1-2 craft beers in a sitting)? Years ago when i would mix weed and alcohol i would get nauseous. Not sure if CBD differs on this respect.

thanks for the feedback!

I guess you would have to suck it and see as they say. I get where your coming from tho weed and beer made me sick as a dog. But I'm perfectly fine with my prodominanty CBD strains and some mid range beer around 5-7 %.

Cbd and alcohol reddit

So, large amounts of alcohol and large amounts of CBD don't mix well. After consuming to excess, I went to sleep and woke up feeling very disoriented. I was sweaty and had waves of being really dizzy.

I also had a rushing sound in my ears.

It was such a bizzar feeling and I'm lucky I didn't hurt myself. Thankfully my wife took good care of me.

Cbd and alcohol reddit

Advice? Drop both the alcohol and CBD for a short spell to get in touch with the unadulterated 'you'. Once there then add just the CBD and see how it does you. Some folks need a few weeks to build up the levels in their system, others are up and running at full speed in a dose so don't lose hope if things are bit slow to respond at first. Vary the time between doses and dosage to find your sweet spots, knowing these may wander around over time.

Once I found CBD all the training I've had about alcohol being a depressant became more clear to me. CBD provides the chill, the quieted racing thoughts, and the ability to process normal daily stressors in a more normal manner and with a clear, not intoxicated head. CBD gives me what I was seeking in alcohol so now I don't drink. Like its been a couple years now and I have zero desire to drink as the times I have were not enjoyable. The mood swings, the loss of self control, and the depression while sobering up, fuck all that.

If you can question your alcohol consumption that is a good thing.

I’m a big red wine drinker and I love the way it makes me feel. I can drink a full bottle of red wine and still get up and function the next day. I know this is bad for me and my health so I thought I’d try full spectrum CBD to try and get the same feeling but not with the bad side effects for my health. Unfortunately I’m just not finding that CBD is having the same kind of ‘nice’ effect that red wine does so now I am drinking a full bottle of red wine and adding in 33.33mg plus (1 dropper) of CBD plus every second night. So now I am an alcoholic and drug addict? Any advise would be very welcome.

In the past when I caught myself wondering if I was drinking too much I figured the fact I was concerned about this as evidence that yes, I was drinking too much. So I'd take a break from alcohol for a few months to regain some perspective, kind of check things out.

After the reset and CBD-only run make an assessment and adjust fire. I figure between now and Halloween you could learn quite a bit about where you are at with these things. 😉