cbd american shaman tri cities

Cbd american shaman tri cities

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Prices are super Inflated. Gave a 5 star because some of my clients have purchased products here but the price gouge is pretty high. Can find higher MG full spectrum products for WAY cheaper.

One of the best store in town come check them out great customer service

Came in one early sunday after finding out a condition my fiance has was life threatening. she had a hole in her stomach that was leaking infection into her blood stream and was at risk of shutting down her vital organs. Needless to say the doctors say time was very limited and the resources for the condition were few and very expensive. Not knowing what to do I tried the water soluble extra strength CBD and within days the CBD had killed the infection and the hole is closing up and healing. The doctors and nurses were mind blown at the rate the CBD was working against the infection. The CBD literally saved my fiances life