cbd additive

Cbd additive

Paper Crane is the best Japanese CBD vape juice brand out there. This CBD vape additive is designed for clarity, sure to give you a clear head and ease your ability to focus. This company uses the highest quality ingredients and hemp products in their CBD vape juices and vape additives. Like all products on this list, this is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any serious medical condition. Advice should be sought if you’re concerned about the ability to use prescription medications with this product.

Eco Sciences EcoDrip Onyx CBD Vape Additive – $19.99

Just like the name would suggest, Liquid Gold is an amazing product made with the highest-quality ingredients. Made with the best hemp oil, this CBD vape additive is highly effective, easy to use, and chock full of quality CBD. It’s ideally used in combination with your favorite vape liquid. And of course, it’s THC free.

Liquid Gold Vape Additive – $20

Just like their namesake, Chong’s Choice knows quality hemp products. This amazing CBD vape additive is one of the best CBD vape additives we’ve found. It’s a little more pricey than the cheaper ones on this list, but still under $50. They use the highest quality hemp oil to create their CBD vape additives, and, of course, all of them are 100% THC free.

Cbd additive

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Each bottle is easy to use with a 1ml pipette to ensure you can add the right amount of CBD to your e-liquid, putting you in control. These additives can also be used in cosmetic and balms, just shake well before use.

Take your pick from a range of pure bases, up to 1000mg per bottle:

Cbd additive

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1000mg Flavourless CBD Vape Additive | 10%

10ml of unflavoured CBD additive to fortify your favourite vape liquids.

This high strength pure base is a great way to add CBD to your regular e-liquids.