can you snort cbd

Can you snort cbd

When it comes down to it, people seem to just associate white powders with snorting and that’s probably why you have ended up here on this article.

And, one of the most recent consumption methods that is raising interest in the CBD community, is snorting.

However, there are so many unknown factors to taking CBD Isolate via insufflation, we seriously don’t recommend this method. The unknowns of this could result in a lot of damage: from light irritation, to a perforated septum, (you probably don’t want to google image search that term…), to even more serious effects.

CBD Isolate

Once again, the actual efficiency of CBD taken through the nose is still unknown. Although we know that snorting can be effective for other medical drug use, we cannot say that CBD is the same.

The answer to this question has become more apparent with the growing number of unique CBD products on the market.

Could Snorting CBD be an Effective Consumption Method?

Why does this make it a promising option for snorting? Well, CBD crystals are anywhere from 90-99% CBD – essentially meaning it’s CBD in its purest form – BUT with 1-10% of relatively different compounds which we can’t know how they could affect your nasal passage.

For instance, this is the list of effects that snorting Cocaine can have on your body:

Can you snort cbd

Thoughts? Anybody want to confirm/fight this?

Happy 4/20 everybody! Here is an unconventional breakthrough I've had this week. Call me stupid, crazy, uneducated—I expect mixed emotions about this.

Ultimately, I'd like to challenge the taboo of snorting isolate. This experiment is to push the limits of this culture and see what is possible. I didn't do this to promote some sort of high-school sentiment that plays off of shock value.

Any real science or experience is welcomed in this discussion. Please keep an open mind and try to provide a balanced view.

To not bore you, I'll cut to the chase. Read the back story if interested.

Back story: I've been passionate about CBD for 2 years now, starting at flower and circulating through many different concentrates and tinctures (some great, others terrible) to try to find the most effective way to take CBD into the system.

I smashed up CBD isolate crystals into a fine powder and snorted it. To my surprise, it was smooth, tasteless, did not burn, and provided immediate CBD effects—much like taking a dab. I only found one article online about somebody doing this (very recently), and evidently the guy in the article was shocked that it was an effective method.