can you fail a drug test due to cbd reddit

Can you fail a drug test due to cbd reddit

It may depend on what type of test is used (urine, blood, hair).

Yes, since you are taking THC. If you used pure CBD which is uncommon, it wouldn't show up.

It's pretty unlikely that it would cause a failed drug test.

I know that per regulations, there is an accepted max amount of THC in a CBD product. Though it's a very small amount, since THC stays in your system for so long, wouldn't it increase your possibility of testing positive for THC if you were consistently taking CBD?

There are some things to know though:

CBD (pure and THC free) will not pop in a test. They don't look for CBD.

The newer stuff is distilled and 0% THC.

Be absolutely sure it's 0% THC though.

Would you only know it's pure if it says so? Most products don't really address the THC content of the product since that's not the focus

Can you fail a drug test due to cbd reddit

I got accepted into the beginning stages of a pre-apprenticeship program and now I'm worried I've ruined it all, or at least until next year. Has anyone here ever taken CBD, or know someone that did, and then had a drug test? I have to go in on Thursday. I'm debating buying a test at home and seeing if I pass.

Thank you, I will keep chugging water!

Update: passed, thanks everyone for your help and support. No more CBD for me!