can too much cbd kill you

Can too much cbd kill you

If you feel very unpleasant effects, then we highly recommend that you reach out to your doctor, call 911, or have someone take you to the emergency room to get checked up.

CBD oil’s proper dosage varies from person to person as everyone’s body reacts differently to CBD. We dive deep into the specifics in our CBD dosing guide, but we always recommend people to start low and go up.

According to current drug experts and top CBD researchers in the United States, the answer is no. With CBD being the rage across the nation, the question, “can you overdose on CBD” arises often. This is often due to the number of news stories reported about THC overdose and emergency room visits in America.[1] Still, unlike THC, taking too much CBD does not get you high or cause an overdose. However, it may cause side effects if you take too much.

#3: Can CBD Oil Kill You?

No, not necessarily because CBD products can contain a maximum of 0.3% THC since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, allowing CBD products to be sold and shipped across the nation if it meets certain criteria. One of which is the THC potency in the products.

Yes, you certainly can build a tolerance to CBD, and it’s quite common, especially to those who think consuming more will be more effective. Above in the CBD dosing section, we talked about the Biphasic Effect of CBD and explained how when you take too much, you may not feel CBD the same as before. That’s because you simply built a tolerance for CBD.

We recommend taking a 3-5 day break from consuming any CBD to reset it and starting back at a lower dose fully. If you really want to continue taking CBD, then just cut your dose in half and wait for the effects of CBD to come back. However, the best option would be to take a minimum of 1-2 days off CBD and start back at a lower dose.

Symptoms and Signs of Overdosing on CBD

We don’t recommend starting low and going up because of side effects, but because it’s all about finding the optimal dose. If you have a light to medium case, we recommend starting with 10mg to 20mg of CBD for the first 3-5 days. See how CBD makes you feel after you take it. Are you calmer and more relaxed? Are you sleeping much easier and getting better quality sleep? Or do you simply not feel it enough?

How to reset your tolerance levels, so CBD works as it did before?

Can too much cbd kill you

For comparison, a reasonably average-sized human might weigh around 75 kg (approx. 165 lbs). At this weight, our calculations show it would require approximately 18,750 mg (18.75 g) of CBD consumed within a very short amount of time to result in any potentially fatal effects. For reference, typical CBD oil users consume no more than 100 mg of the compound – and that’s for one entire day.

The same pattern could be seen with rhesus monkeys, wherein 5,000 mg per kg of body weight did not elicit toxicity. Moreover, even doses of up to 9,000 mg per kg of body weight in primates had “no significant toxicity effects.”

The government’s Toxicology Data Network actually lists toxicity levels for CBD (otherwise known as cannabidiol, the active ingredient in Epidiolex). In fact, three separate LD50’s exist from three different studies spanning more than 70 years:

Other Interesting Facts on Cannabis Toxicology

For instance, if 50 female rats consume 2,000 mg of ibuprofen and the dose is lethal for 25 of the rats, the LD50 for ibuprofen would be marked as 2,000 mg (do note this is just an example and is not the actual LD50 for ibuprofen).

More recently, a 2011 article in Current Drug Safety observed toxic levels of orally administered CBD in rhesus monkeys. The results were as follows:

What Does the Data Mean?

By current ASA estimations, in fact, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of cannabis in a standard marijuana cigarette (defined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse to be 0.9 g) to experience any potentially fatal consequences. For reference, this would be approximately 1,500 lbs of cannabis within a 15-minute period to induce a “theoretically lethal response.”

That said, it is always wise to speak with a doctor before adding CBD into your healthcare routine. CBD inhibits cytochrome p-450 enzyme activity, which may affect how certain medications metabolize in your body. Use CBD responsibly, exercise safety and caution, and your body will thank you in the long run.