can police officers use cbd

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As you will know, CBD oil is legal in the UK as a food supplement providing the amount of THC is under 0.2%. Whilst the user of the CBD oil places trust in the company selling the CBD oil to ensure THC does not exceed 0.2%, I wish to know:

What is the Met’s Policy on officers taking LEGAL CBD oil?

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Can police officers use cbd

“I don’t think a lot of agencies have really gotten to the point of addressing how to handle that,” he said.

“I’m like, ‘It wasn’t marijuana, guys.’ But I’m caught between a rock and hard place,” a former federal law enforcement officer told NBC 4. “They can’t prove that I smoked marijuana, and I can’t prove that I didn’t.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Law enforcement officers who use CBD products could still face professional consequences, as some of the products contain trace amounts of THC.

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An NBC 4 investigation found that federal law enforcement officers who use popular CBD oils for legal pain relief tested positive for THC during random drug tests and subsequently faced consequences including indefinite suspensions and dismissals.

Until testing catches up, Kosnett told NBC 4 that he advises all law enforcement officers to stay away from all CBD products. Even if the label claims there’s no THC in the product, that is sometimes not the case, and there’s no reason for a poorly-labeled product to become a career-ender, he said.

Should cops be allowed to use CBD oils for pain relief?

Dr. Michael Kosnett, a medical toxicologist at the University of Colorado, told NBC 4 that it’s not just a law enforcement problem, but also a problem with drug tests that have fallen behind the times.

“The issue right now is the panel of testing,” he said. “Even with the sophisticated confirmatory testing, it doesn’t look for the metabolite of CBD. It only looks for the metabolite of THC. … It may not at all be enough to cause the person to feel high or intoxicated but it’s enough to have the metabolite of THC appear in their urine.”