california cbd extraction companies

California cbd extraction companies

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California cbd extraction companies

We believe in the broad application of cannabis-based medicine.

We strive to manufacture an ultra-refined, full spectrum cannabis extract that smells, tastes and feels like the cured cultivar we processed.

Need it now? We source premium trim and flower to keep a steady supply of our cannabis oil in stock for marijuana-infused product manufacturers.

Peridot Labs is a venture envisioned, conceptualized and founded by two close friends, both Midwesterners who migrated to California over ten years ago in pursuit of new opportunities outside of their respective homelands of Wisconsin and Indiana.


Peridot Labs is an Oakland-based manufacturing lab offering custom extraction, refinement and formulation services to the cannabis industry in the Bay Area and greater Northern California.

Our proprietary methods were developed by a Ph.D. chemist and produce unique, full-flavored extracts that are truly representative of the starting strain. We achieve this by employing low-toxicity liquid solvents in a closed-looped system to isolate, filter and refine full spectrum cannabis oil that is rich in terpenes and high in cannabinoids. We also add strain-specific, steam distilled cannabis terpenes back to all cartridge oil, which elevates the flavor and experience of each batch.

The lab is under the skilled direction of PR, who holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from UC-Berkeley and has years of experience working as a medicinal chemist with a large biopharmaceutical company. He also spent nearly a year at a cannabis extraction startup producing THC and CBD-rich oils for patients in need. His experience gives Peridot Labs a unique advantage in this budding sector of the cannabis industry.


Color, clarity, cannabinoids. Our proprietary refinement process creates beautiful, potent full spectrum extracts.

Our mission? Simple.